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Hosted ByJess Clarke, Christine Joy Ferrer, Preeti Shekar, et al.

Radio Reimagine's predecessor show Radio RP&E a podcast series based on articles and interviews in the journal Race, Poverty & the Environment.

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Of Forests and Floods

A Speculative Podcast Special Episode of NOOL by Anuj Vaidya. The Aarey Forest has been on the frontlines of a battle between environmental/indigenous activists and the State since 2014, the narrative offers a moment of possibility towards a different future.

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San Bernardino Groups Take on Warehouse Pollution

“These diesel trucks are going to go in our neighborhoods, regardless if you’re in Bloomington, Jurupa Valley, Fontana.

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Reflections of Activistas

Excerpted here are the voices of young activistas who redefine what it means to be part of the new majority as women of color.

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Krissy Keefer, DMT Artistic Director of Dance Brigade and Grrrl Brigade

An Interview by Christine Joy Ferrer with Krissy Keefer

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Sustaining Cultural Spaces

“So here I am! I get to be around all the kinds of people I like and enjoy, and who inspire me, motivate me, and make me happy. But I am also the poorest, the brokest, I’ve been in my whole life. In the beauty business, I made money because I was really good. This...

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Through Our Eyes: Activists Today

movements change the world, but just as it is important to be a part of and build movements to create a world where human rights are a reality for all–a world where systemic forms of social and economic oppression no longer exist–so it is equally important to build our own intimate internal movement that focuses on healing the greed, hatred, and fear within ourselves that cause so much chaos in our lives and are the actual underlying roots of the societal chaos we experience.”  –yung pueblo
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Producer, Storyteller

Jess Clarke writes and performs stories that illuminate and entertain.

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Kelly Curry feeds the body and the soul with stories, green smoothies, and love.




Preeti Shekar broadcasts on KPFA’s Apex Express and Women’s Magazine.



Web Designer, Producer

Writer, dancer and designer, Christine Ferrer is truly a  movement artist.