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We are pleased to introduce ongoing storytelling episodes to the Radio Reimagine format. Jess Clarke will be telling tales from their life adapted from their grand opus “Imagining Liberation.” Kelly Curry will be sharing episodes from two of her projects: “Until the Streets of the Hood Flood with Green” and “The Earth is the Only One Telling the Truth.”  Preeti Shekar will be re-launching her ongoing interview and reporting project NOOL/Weaving the Threads, focusing on Southeast Asian people and issues. We are also looking forward to  actor, director and story coach Joyful Raven joining us as a guest producer sharing excerpts from her show “Breed or Bust” as well as commentary on the art and craft of storytelling.

Jess Clarke is a writer, performer, and organizer from Oakland, California. They’ve been on the frontlines and in the back offices of justice struggles for the last half-century. From organizing a cultural center in San Francisco’s Tenderloin in the 1980’s, doing solidarity with the Zapatistas in the 90s, editing Race, Poverty & the Environment in the 2000s, to launching Radio Reimagine in the 2020s, liberation of all kinds —personal, social, economic and political—is the common goal of their projects. Jess has been a featured performer at the Oakland Museum, Oakland Public Library, Marsh Theater SF & Berkeley, Story Slam Oakland and Berkeley Repertory School of Theater.

Preeti Shekar - NOOL (Weaving Threads)

Show Host

Preeti Mangala Shekar is a feminist media activist and a print and radio journalist from India. Her articles have been published in Colorlines, Alternet, Foreign Policy in Focus, Race, Poverty and the Environment and various alternative/independent publications in India and the US. Preeti is also a radio producer at KPFA 94.1 FM (Paci# ca Radio), Berkeley where she volunteer produces two radio shows – a feminist radio show called Women’s Magazine and APEX Express, a show focused on the Asian and Pacific Community in the bay area. Preeti holds a double Masters in journalism and Women’s Studies.

Kelly Curry- Until the Streets of the Hood Flood with Green

Show Host

Kelly Curry is an author, publisher and social justice activist. She brings over 20 years of frontline, on the ground support of lower income communities of color through her development of life enhancing, ground shifting programs that promote health, well being and love. A veteran of public and private foundation work in New York City, Kelly was influential in ushering in change around public children’s after-school programming at the city level, which included development and successful operation of a living arts program for NYC Parks and Recreation Center in Harlem. Through this program, Kelly worked with community kids to plant Harlem’s first children’s gardens. Kelly continued this trajectory by delivering a living arts program to the children of farm workers and homeless children in Southern California via The Living Love Foundation, where she acted as Director of Programming and Development. Kelly is currently focused on engaging committed, creative, sustainable change around food access for the citizens of East and West Oakland. She does this work in partnership with Planting Justice via How Are You Healing Today which hosts The Electric Smoothie Lab Apothecary.

Producer, Storyteller

Jess Clarke writes and performs stories that illuminate and entertain.

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Kelly Curry feeds the body and the soul with stories, green smoothies, and love.


Preeti Shekar broadcasts on KPFA’s Apex Express and Women’s Magazine.e.



Web Designer, Producer

Writer, dancer and designer, Christine Ferrer is truly a  movement artist.