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Hosted ByJess Clarke, Christine Joy Ferrer, Preeti Shekar, et al.

Radio Reimagine's predecessor show Radio RP&E a podcast series based on articles and interviews in the journal Race, Poverty & the Environment.

    Radio Reimagine’s predecessor was Radio RP&E, a podcast series based on articles and interviews in the journal Race, Poverty & the Environment. You can visit the RP&E archives at  Reimagine RP&E. We are bringing over the classics from the archives and sharing them as we shift focus to books and podcast media.

    San Bernardino Groups Take on Warehouse Pollution

    “These diesel trucks are going to go in our neighborhoods, regardless if you’re in Bloomington, Jurupa Valley, Fontana.

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    Reflections of Activistas

    Excerpted here are the voices of young activistas who redefine what it means to be part of the new majority as women of color.

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    Top ten playlist of
    Radio RP&E Hits

    Bringing voices from frontline communities to the air since 2010.

    Krissy Keefer, DMT Artistic Director of Dance Brigade and Grrrl Brigade

    An Interview by Christine Joy Ferrer with Krissy Keefer

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    Sustaining Cultural Spaces

    “So here I am! I get to be around all the kinds of people I like and enjoy, and who inspire me, motivate me, and make me happy. But...

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    Through Our Eyes: Activists Today

    Fresno Residents Choking on Amazon’s Dust

    An  interview by Jess Clarke with Leo Martinez Macias and Ashley Werner

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    Beyond Gay Marriage

    “I absolutely think housing for poor, homeless, and low-income queer folks is a huge issue for us, as is doing anti-violence work…” —Kenyon Farrow

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    Radical Visions, Possible Worlds

    A panel discussion with Grace Lee Boggs and Immanuel Wallerstein Moderated by Scott Kurashige

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    History of Exploitation: from Slavery to Domestic Work

    An interview with Sheila Bapat “The roots of domestic work are deeply connected to the history of slavery in the U.S. It’s no accident that a vast majority of...

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    The Lie of Growth and the Power of the Small— Vandana Shiva and Gopal Dayaneni

      “The growing “bio-economy” is based on control, manipulation and commodification of life… things like microbial factories that are producing industrial food products, that will make fuels and pharmaceuticals,...

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    Bertha Lewis – The New Majority

    Interview with Bertha Lewis By B. Jesse Clarke Bertha Lewis is president and founder of the New York-based action think tank, Black Institute and former president and chief organizer...

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